My Story

Hi, I'm Liv...

I founded To Live in Color,LLC in 2019. With a background in Occupational Therapy, I originally provided inclusion and equity consulting and programming to cultural spaces and companies such as Microsoft, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, South Carolina State Library, etc, with a hyperfocus on disability inclusion and accessibility.

When the global pandemic hit, and the doors of cultural spaces closed,  I began doing the work within the walls of my own home, with neighbors, with friends; in our communities. Afterall, these should be our safe spaces. Our solace. Breonna Taylor, her family, and many other people of color and oppressed people are not systemically allotted this safety. Amidst a global pandemic while continuing to work as a healthcare worker, I started "Giving Black Women Their Flowers", a creative engagement initiative, delivering bouquets to Black women in Charlotte, NC.  I designed a greeting card in alignment with #GBWTF that uprooted the initiative from a local hug to a national love letter. This initiative was a major change agent that contributes to how TLC is structured today; helping bridge the internal gap of not only providing community programming , but also offering experiential design that is alignment.  


To Live in Color continues to dedicate to culture work that creates soft spaces- radically , and holistically shifting us onward  through mediums of storytelling, installations, and community program design.