Hi, Im Liv...

I started To Live in Color to bring colors to cultural spaces. I began my work in inclusion while working as a healthcare professional. Being an Occupational Therapy practitioner has given me a skill set that is largely committed to disability inclusion in cultural spaces. Being a Black woman—born and raised in Columbia, SC—also deeply roots me in equity, accessibility, and social advancement for people of color.  My work will continue honoring the intersectional needs of oppressed people. 


When 2020 hit, I began focusing on the culture we embrace within the walls of our own homes. These should be our safe spaces. Breonna Taylor, her family, and many other Black people do not get this comfort. Amidst a global pandemic and while continuing to work as a healthcare worker, I starting "Giving Black Women Their Flowers", a cultural ode to Black women , delivering bouquets to Black women in Charlotte,NC.  From partnering with other people of color for home-based interior design, to partnering with local organizations for equitable initiatives, I will continue to create soft spaces in efforts to make oppressed communities feel more at home.