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I started this initiative in May 2020 during our first stay -at - home orders amidst the global pandemic. I was at home, alone, with little work as a healthcare worker. I deeply missed connecting with my family and friends. The murder of Breonna Taylor was gaining national attention and much of the narratives between my friends ( other BLACK women) and I were tired while all of us were continuing our roles as essential workers, wives, mothers, friends, entrepreneurs, and all the things. I delivered 10 bouquets to my friends and other BLACK women in my community that I admired, and they begin referring me to other BLACK women to deliver more bouquets. I did not intend to make this a thing, but the Black women I delivered to kept on giving. This exchange was the hug I had been deprived of. It personified how Black women make gardens out of mustard seeds. We really are the gems of this world. #GivingBlackWomenTheirFlowers, a literation, because we've given so much.


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This initiative translates a figurative acknowledgement into something real, and tangible. Giving Black women their flowers should be more than just an IG caption. Olivia turns an online mantra into an actual movement IRL.



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I was overwhelmed with joy when Liv delivered those flowers to my home. I thought of it as such a selfless act especially during a pandemic. Not only did me, but she gifted my girls, and it filled me when I needed it most. I'm grateful not to only know her but to be a supporter. Her vision for giving Black women their flowers while they can still smell them is what we need honestly. 



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Virtual hug to you. It really made an impression when you sent me those flowers. It inspired me to work harder to show love & respect to people in the present moment. What you did and do has a ripple effect love. Never forget! 


In February 2021, our greeting card designed in alignment with #GBWTF bloomed Nationwide when the Apollo Theater distributed the card into gift boxes in honor of their annual luncheon.